Car & Lorry MOT Welding in West London

Sparks MOT Vehicle Welding service ensures your car, lorry or commercial vehicle passes its MOT with flying colours. Whether you’ve had a failed test, or your vehicle is due for its MOT, we can help to assess and repair the damage.


Vehicle Bodywork & Chassis Repairs

If you believe your vehicle may have some corrosion issues and could fail its MOT, bring it into our workshop in Slough, West London and we can assess the areas. It’s always best to fix issues before the event.

We offer the following welding MOT repairs:

  • Car chassis and bodywork welding
  • Commercial Van chassis and bodywork welding
  • Minibus chassis and bodywork welding
  • Bus chassis and bodywork welding
  • Coach chassis and bodywork welding
  • HGV chassis and bodywork welding
  • HGV trailer welding
  • Semi-trailers welding
  • Horsebox chassis and bodywork welding (over 3,500kg)
  • Amphibious chassis and bodywork welding
  • Airport vehicle chassis and bodywork welding

Don’t Risk MOT Failure

If your vehicle fails its MOT, it will cost you time and money while it is off the road. You may also have to pay for the retest if you are unable to repair your vehicle in time for the free re-test.

While we do offer emergency repairs, it is always best to come in and let us check your vehicle in advance of the event. Our team are highly experienced, and we know the main areas for failure, especially where certain types of vehicles have issues with corrosion.

If you are unable to bring the vehicle to us, then we can come to you. We have a mobile welding service that can provide emergency welding repairs. So whether you are on the motorway, on an industrial estate, or in the middle of a field, we can reach you.


Reasons for MOT Failure

Vehicles can fail the MOT for any number of reasons. An important part of any MOT is the ‘Corrosion Assessment’ where they perform a detailed inspection of potential problem areas, either with their finger or a tool to test the integrity of the metal. Your vehicle can fail its MOT if the mechanic believes it could be an accident waiting to happen. It is their reputation at stake, after all.  

Older vehicles usually fail MOTs due to corrosion or damage that could affect its structural integrity, or the ability to steer or brake. This can be especially prominent of your vehicle has been in an accident. The damaged area may be a puncture in the bodywork, a rusted chassis, damage to an alloy wheel, or a hole in the footwell.


Book Sparks for your MOT Welding Repairs?

Sparks is a family-run business, based in West London, with over 45 years of experience in welding and fabrication. Our company is trusted by many of the UK’s leading companies, including the Royal Farms, the NHS, Heathrow Airport, Simply Waste, Wilson Scott, GSE Tool Support, Wilcox Commercial Bodies, Windsor Duck Tours Amphibious Vehicles. We also provide repair and maintenance to the London Underground.

If you need help repairing your vehicle to meet MOT standards, then look no further than our expert welders at Sparks Welding Services. We offer highest-quality, professional MOT welding to make sure your vehicle can pass its test without stress. 

If you are based in the West London area and require a trusted welder near you, we can provide MOT repairs on your vehicle and we guarantee our work. Keep your vehicle legal and on the road. Book an appointment by calling 01753 206200. Find us near Heathrow at SL3 0BL.


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