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Commercial Vehicle, MOT & Trailer Welding Repairs

We are a family-run welding and bespoke fabrication services company that has operated in the London area for over 45 years. We specialise in welding repairs, custom fabrication, TV & film prop fabrication, and CNC laser cutting. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are committed to providing you with the highest quality of welding or fabrication for your project. Explore our extensive catalogue of services to find out what best suits your needs. Our prices are affordable, our turnaround time is rapid, and we accept bookings and emergency walk-in requests.


Professional Welding Services

Our team of welding service team, based in our West London workshop, are some of the finest welders in the UK. Our can-do attitude, combined with our sheer depth of experience, means no job is beyond our abilities.

We regularly provide:

  • Heavy duty commercial vehicles repairs
  • Vehicle trailers repairs
  • Tipper lorry repairs
  • Excavator bucket repairs
  • Farm building repairs
  • Forklift repairs
  • Airport vehicle repairs
  • UCL carrier refurbishment
  • MOT repairs
  • Alloy wheel repairs
  • Stainless steel and aluminium repair

Furthermore, we can address major structural repairs of buildings or bridges. Whether you’re at home, at an industrial estate or in the middle of a field, our van can come cater to your repairing needs, on demand.

Don’t wait until you require repairs, though! Sparks can offer ongoing welding maintenance of your vehicles and structures, making sure they are kept in fully working order.


Why choose Sparks for your project ?

With thousands of welding and fabrication projects under our belt, Sparks is the trusted choice of many of the UK’s leading companies, including Heathrow Airport, the London Underground, and the NHS. We are also the go-to company for many private individuals returning time and time again. 

Our 45 years of proven welding expertise guarantees the highest level of craftsmanship for your welding and fabrication requirements. We have built Sparks’ reputation on years of specialist knowledge, understanding our customer’s detailed requirements, and providing the highest standard of work. Make sure you get your welding done right and choose Sparks Welding Services!


Expert Steel Fabrication Services

In addition to our welding repairs, we also provide steel fabrication services. Sparks fabricators are some of the most skills craftspeople in the London area.

We regularly provide:

  • Heavy duty commercial vehicles repairs
  • Vehicle part fabrication
  • Film prop fabrication
  • Water pipe fabrication
  • Custom balcony fabrication
  • Driveway gate and fencing fabrication
  • Scaffold pole plate fabrication
  • Lorry trailer modification
  • Custom sign fabrication
  • Bespoke fireside furniture (indoor and outdoor)

Our in-house designers use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to produce realistic and accurate designs, ensuring that your fabrications are produced exactly as desired. We can create custom designs for you and already host an impressive gallery of fabrications, including parts for a Back to the Future DeLorean prop. See more of our work on our Instagram, @SparksWeldingServices.


What Our Customers Say

Sparks Welding Services



A welder fusing two or more metals, glasses, or thermoplastics together using tools. A fabricator creates a product by bending or shaping materials.
We make a variety of fabrications from small custom parts to grand signs and gates. Just specify a custom project and we’ll fabricate it for you.
The answer is no. Aluminium and steel have dissimilar melting points and thermal conductivities making it nearly impossible to weld steel to aluminium.
Yes, we have a card reader in store to take card payments for any welding, fabrication or shop purchases.
Airside ground handling equipment serviced and maintained, ULD pallet storage fabricated and repaired, ULD carrier maintenance and repair, full refurbishment service, body change overs
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