We are a family-run welding service with 45 years of expertise. We have a fully-stock shop of quality welding supplies with everything you need for your project, at an affordable price. Order online or collect from our workshop in Slough. The choice is yours.

Located in Berkshire, we offer a comprehensive range of drilling and holemaking solutions to meet the requirements of businesses and individuals across the Heathrow, West London, and Berkshire area. 

Our extensive selection includes a variety of corded and battery drills, spot weld cutters, HSS drills and box sets, and cobalt drills. Our products are designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability with every use.

Some of the key features and uses of our drilling and holemaking tools include:

  • Corded and Battery Drills: Offering versatility and portability for a wide range of drilling applications, from simple household tasks to professional construction projects.
  • Spot Weld Cutters: Designed to quickly and accurately remove spot welds without damaging the surrounding material, making them ideal for automotive repair and restoration.
  • HSS Drills and Box Sets: High-speed steel drills are suitable for general-purpose drilling in a variety of materials, while box sets provide convenience and organisation for drill bit storage.
  • Cobalt Drills: Featuring enhanced heat resistance and durability, cobalt drills are ideal for drilling through hard metals such as stainless steel and cast iron.

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Airside ground handling equipment serviced and maintained, ULD pallet storage fabricated and repaired, ULD carrier maintenance and repair, full refurbishment service, body change overs
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