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2% Lanthanum Tungsten Electrodes – Blue Tip

3/32″ x 6″ (2.4mm x 150mm)

These TIG electrodes are alloyed with non radioactive lanthanum oxide, often referred to as lanthana, another of the rare earth elements. These electrodes have excellent arc starting, low erosion rate, arc stability and excellent re-ignition characteristics.

The addition of 1 – 2% lanthana increases the maximum current carrying capacity by approximately 50% for a given size electrode using alternating current compared to pure tungsten. The higher the percentage of lanthana, the more expensive the electrode. Since lanthana electrodes can operate at slightly different arc voltages than thoriated or ceriated tungsten electrodes these slight changes may require welding parameters and procedures to be adjusted

The 1.5% content appears to most closely match the conductivity properties of 2% thoriated tungsten. Compared to cerium and thorium the lanthana electrodes had less tip wear at given current levels. Lanthanum electrodes generally have longer life and provide greater resistance to tungsten contamination of the weld.

The lanthana is dispersed evenly throughout the entire length of the electrode and it maintains a sharpened point well, which is an advantage for welding steel and stainless steel on DC or the AC from Advanced Squarewave power sources. Thus the lanthana electrodes work well on AC or DC electrode negative with a pointed end or they can be balled for use with AC sine wave power sources.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 2 cm


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