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An ultra-high performance, synthetic, reduced ash engine oil. Suitable for all passenger cars and light van petrol and diesel-powered vehicles where performance and viscosity grades are appropriate. Synthesis FE 5W-20 is specially formulated to exceed Ford’s demanding fuel economy targets and is intended primarily for use where Ford WSS-M2C 948-B is recommended.

Product Code: 00180
  • Outstanding oxidation stability to reduce engine deposits and sludge build-up to keep engines running reliably
  • Suitable for all driving styles from stop/start city traffic to high-speed motorway cruising
  • Enhanced low-temperature capabilities for outstanding cold weather starting
  • Recommended for use in petrol, naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines
  • Excellent after-treatment device compatibility, specifically DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) and TWC (Three Way Catalyst)
  • Significant performance ‘reserve’ over quoted specifications to effectively combat extreme operating conditions
Performance Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

FORD M2C 948-B
JLR STJLR.03.5004

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 13 cm


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