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Mosa Generator for Welding. MagicWeld 200 Amp Engine Driven Petrol Welder Generator 200A (2.1kW-110V) Recoil.

The Mosa Magic Weld 200 is equipped with Mosa’s innovative Power Optimiser Technology, allowing it to effortlessly weld electrodes up to 4mm in thickness. The Magic Weld series showcases the patented MOSA “Power Optimizer” function, a precise control technique designed to prevent engine overload when operating near its power limit. With the “Power Optimizer,” you can ensure consistent and optimal performance in any welding conditions, fully harnessing the engine’s power.

At the heart of Mosa Welder Generators lies the remarkable Mosa asynchronous welding alternator. Designed and crafted in-house, this brushless alternator boasts exceptional welding capabilities, along with simultaneous AC auxiliary power. Notably, it requires no maintenance due to the absence of brushes that wear out, while the solid rotor eliminates the need for windings.

Sparks have access to an extensive inventory of spare parts and accessories for the Mosa Magic Weld range. When combined with the exceptional build quality of Mosa machines, these machines are designed to withstand the test of time, even if servicing or repairs are necessary. We also have a great selection of equipment in our welding supplies shop.


• Arc welding source in D.C. welding
• High frequency control of welding current and voltage
• Single-Phase, 50Hz aux current, inverter generated
• Arresto motore per basso livello olio (oil alert)
• Power optimiser (patent pending)
• Auto Idle
• Protective frame
• Portable
• Meets EC directive

Petrol Engine driven welder – Honda GX270 Engine


  • Welding current: 20 ÷ 200A
  • Service: 200A – 60%
  • Open circuit voltage (no-load voltage): 72V


  • Single-phase power: 2 kVA / 110 V / 18.2A


  • Generator Tank capacity: 5.1 litre
  • Running time (welder 60%): 3.5 h
  • Acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 99 dB(A) (74 dB(A) @ 7 m)
  • Weight: 61 Kg
  • Dimensions max. on base Lxlxh:  630x490x540  mm

Additional information

Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 63 × 49 × 54 cm


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