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• LARGE CAPACITY – Impressive output of 102,000-170,000Btu/hr(30-50kW). Heats an area of 23,000ft³(650m³) with a variable fuel consumption of 2.18-3.63kg/hr. Ideal for heating a large workshop or garage environment quickly.

• SAFETY – Features safety solenoid value which prevents the unit from leaking gas. Supplied with fully approved gas regular and hose.

• PIEZO IGNITION – Piezo push-button ignition system allows for safe ignition.

• NO ODOUR OR RESIDUE – The Space Warmer® is fan assisted and as the fuel is completely burned it leaves no oily residue like you may experience when using other types of fuel heaters. There is no odour, except for the few seconds during start-up

• QUIET – The unit runs a little more quietly since they do not need a compressor to drive the fuel to the burner.

• MANOVERABILITY – Portable heater with carry handle that make it easy to move and heat any area in the chosen environment.

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Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 40 cm


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