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Features and Applications

Solid titanium wire offering a sound combination of mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Widely used in the aircraft industry where tensile strength and weight ratios are very critical.

Ideal for high temperature creep resistance applications.

Weld deposit is ductile and provides excellent corrosion resistance in highly oxidising and mildly reducing environments.

Typically used in the petrochemical industry, aerospace manufacturing and the chemical process industries etc.

Test Certificates Available


Typical Base Materials

Pure titanium and titanium alloys with similar chemical composition; Titanium grades 1-4; UNS R50400H.*
* Illustrative, not exhaustive list


EN ISO 24034 – S Ti 0120 (Ti99,6)
AWS A5.16 – ER Ti2


Chemical Composition %
C% O% N% H% Fe% Ti%
max 0.08 max max max  rem.
0.03 0.16 0.015 0.008 0.12


Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength ≥345 MPa
Yield Strength ≥275 MPa
Elongation ≥20 %
Impact Strength

Mechanical properties are approximate and may vary based on the heat, shielding gas, welding parameters and other factors.


Shielding Gases

EN ISO 14175 – TIG: I1 (Argon)


Welding Positions

EN ISO 6947 – PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF


Packaging Data
1.60 mm

2.40 mm

1000 mm

1000 mm

1 Kg

1 Kg


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 6 × 6 cm


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