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The new Weltek Auto Darkening K-12 Goggles for welding and cutting have landed!

Compact, light, and fitted with Weltek’s near-perfect optical clarity True Colour technology, these goggles are suitable for all welding processes. Great for seeing into those hard-to-reach areas that aren’t possible to get into while wearing a traditional bulkier welding helmet. Spacious enough on the inside for the user to wear a pair of glasses underneath the welding goggles, but compact enough for it to be worn alongside a hardhat or other protective headgear. Fitted with two reliable arc sensors and powered by a lithium battery, charged in turn by solar panels.Sensitivity from low to high, featuring a near-instant switching speed (0.1ms) and a standard-sized viewing area (90 x 35mm), with adjustable welding shade (DIN 9-12 | DIN 5 for cutting and DIN 3 for clear).Each pair comes with a Flame Retardant Protection Hood to protect the users head from spatter and UV light (as seen in the product images).

Auto darkening welding goggles have their place for welding.  Perfect for automotive welders where getting into a wheel arch or underneath a car is required.  A standard welding helmet can just get in the way in these instances, so goggles come into their own.

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 23 cm


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